The Golf Course


Improvements to the course have always been ongoing. Wide open fairways were narrowed by much tree planting especially in the 1980’s with countless leylandaii trees being planted to assist the growth of young deciduous trees and ensure safe play in certain areas. Many of the leylandaii may be removed in due course as they have served their purpose. A grant, spread over a four year period enabled the Club to re-stock Downs Wood with young oak trees as ash and other species seemed to have taken over.


Drainage work on the low lying sections of the course – virtually the same level as the neighbouring Cosmeston Lakes – was undertaken in the early 1990’s. Ditches were widened and deepened and self activating pumps positioned to assist with the drainage. Stone bridges were constructed to assist with the passage of play. Drainage work was also completed on other parts of the course to enable play to continue except under very exceptional wet weather conditions.
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