Club History

Although the first golf clubs to be formed in Wales were at Tenby (1888), Rhyl (March 1890) and Caernarvonshire (June 1890), it was Glamorganshire Golf Club which first introduced the game into the heavily populated and industrialised south east of Wales in October 1890

The Minutes of the Meeting on October 20, 1890

The first steps were taken at a public meeting held at the Jubilee Hall, Penarth, on October 20th, 1890, the declared purpose of which was "to consider the advisability of forming a golf club". Lord Windsor's agent had promised his Lordship's assistance in providing the necessary land in the form of a few rough fields which those acquainted with the game considered very suitable.

In 1890 Lord Windsor - who subsequently (in 1905) was created Earl of Plymouth - gifted the plot of land in Lower Penarth and the Club was founded initially as a nine hole course.

The Club undertook an expansion programme to the full eighteen hole course during 1896 and the following year, enabling the 1897 Welsh Amateur Championship to take place in Penarth for the first time.

Since the Club's formation, there have been Nine Club Presidents:

1890- 1977 Rt Hon The Earl of Plymouth
1978 - 80 G E Costage
1980-87 R Hugh Morgan
1987-94 L G Oxford OBE
1994- 97 D C Reid
1997-03 J J Adams
2003-09 D E Baker
2009 -12 B E Joseph
2012 - 2015 C S J Palfrey
2015 - 2016 Peter Corrigan
2017- Present Roger Meacham
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